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Nain Rouge: The Red Legend


Who are the Folktellers?

In every age, across time and space, there have been Folktellers. These are the select few who have been chosen to collect and share the stories that need to be told.

Regardless of their origin, Folktellers spin stories filled with magic and wonder. Sometimes, their stories are funny and make us laugh. Other times, the Folkteller casts shadows and shades upon the wall, chilling the room with fearful tales of danger, evil and adventure. Other times, their stories are sad or evoke feelings of love, compassion and romance. But no matter what the tale, we are able to catch a glimpse of ourselves in whatever tale that’s told. We are drawn into each story with words and images that gather around and envelope us, whisking us away to another place and time.

Upon our return, we are left no worse for wear. In fact, there is a glow upon each of our faces; the radiant illumination of discovery and understanding. But when we look around for the Folktellers, we may find that they’ve disappeared – vanished completely.

Often, all that remains are their words and images, recorded for posterity, meant to be shared, spoken and read until the Folktellers return with more stories to tell.

“A thrilling example of historical fiction for children!”
— Amazon Review

Evil is afoot in the Motor City. 

Some legends fade over time, others grow. 

Who knows what will happen when two middle schoolers come face-to-face with a legendary red dwarf who appears as a harbinger of doom during the greatest crisis the city has ever faced.

Are these signs that the end is near or is their story only beginning?


Evil doesn’t ever go away. Even when you think you’ve conquered it, evil can somehow find a way back in.

Tom and Elly are little older and a little wiser with a new school, new friends and all of the challenges teenagers face.

But their greatest challenge lies right in front of them. The Nain Rouge has returned and their worlds will never be the same again.


Eventually, we all have to confront what we fear most, whether we like it or not.

Tom, Elly and the rest of their adventurous friends are committed to defeating the Nain Rouge once and for all.

The curtain rises for the final act, the ultimate conflict with evil. And no one knows who will be left standing.

By weaving very adult issues of downturns, job loss, and recession-effect on families with this dark fantasy tale, Bastian has created a bogeyman we can all believe in - along with a hero and heroine who just might have the drive and energy to turn the city around.
— Amazon Review
Nain Rouge: The Red Legend - Graphic Novel

Recently funded on Kickstarter, this 80-page graphic novel based on the first book in the Nain Rouge trilogy is now available for order! Written by Josef Bastian and Illustrated by Patrick McEvoy.

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