Welcome to the Folkteller Universe

Somewhere, between time and space; beside fantasy and fact, lies a universe UNDISCOVERED, until now.

The Folkteller Universe is an ever-expanding place where stories live, breathe and take on a life of their own.

You are not alone in this world. There is evil. And there is good.

The evil comes in shadow and takes on many forms. The good comes to guide, to teach and to learn along with you.

There are the Folktellers; travelers of time, space and dimension. They are the chosen, dedicated to collecting stories and sharing the ones that need to be told.

If I asked you to enter this realm, this new universe with me, would you? I promise adventure, danger and sights unseen by the human eye. But there are no guarantees. Death lurks around every corner and evil waits for your arrival. Eventually, we all have to choose. 

Stay there, in the warmth and safety of your own, little world. Or come with me, and risk everything…

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